My name is Amineh and I love talking about food.

I spend a good deal of my life thinking about what to make for dinner. I will spend hours scanning blogs for recipes and trolling Pinterest for ideas to inspire a tasty meal. Inevitably I get pulled down an internet rabbit hole and go from reading a recipe for arroz con pollo to learning about the origins of goat cheese.

Now, I love goat cheese, and it turns out I love thinking about more than just what to make for dinner. I love learning about food origins, hearing about the best restaurant in cities continents away, and learning the best trick for peeling garlic. I want to know more about food itself, not just how to prepare it! So doesn’t it follow that any blog I end up writing about food should be more than me just throwing recipe ideas at you? I’m going to throw my thoughts at you instead -- my thoughts, opinions, and musings on food. Here you'll find recipes, restaurant reviews, tips on cooking and anything else food-related that strikes my fancy.

I hope you find it as interesting - and tasty - as I do!